I’m Ashleigh Ann Wood



Why I Coach

  I have extensive knowledge of the art of acting. It’s my passion. I’ve been acting in theater, commercial, T.V. and film since I was a little girl.

   I work at Elevate Studios as an acting coach on weekends teaching bigger classes

  I also provide private one on one coaching in person or virtually through Skype.

    I love working with students of all ages and levels.

   I can help you with working with lines, building character, understanding beats and rhythms, improv, commercial, television or film. I can help prepare you for whatever journey your on in your walk with acting.

  I will help guide you and prepare you for getting an agent, for auditions or perhaps you just love acting and want to learn and have fun and see where it goes!

   Whether you’re a beginner or just looking to refine your existing skills. I love acting and teaching acting and I am here to help you grow and reach your goals!


By the grace of GOD, I met this Lovely Lady, Ashleigh Ann Wood. Ashleigh, in just a few weeks, has accomplished more in my NEW career than I have in the nine months I’ve been trying to get into the business. She makes it easy to stretch your imagination and believe. What’s really amazing is how she has given me the courage and confidence to reach past the simple idea of Extra work. My confidence is at an all-time high. Thank you Ashleigh Ann Wood for all you do!!!

Mike Rusnak


Ms. Ashleigh is such a great acting coach and actress. She helps us understand the basics of acting, like how to preform, show emotion when you are up one stage, and how to slate. Thanks to Ms. Ashleigh I have gotten much better at presenting and preforming in front of others. She gave me lots of confidence and I have definitely improved because of what she has shown and taught me.

Judith C.

Acting Student

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